The Importance of Social Media

It’s 2018, which means the odds are high that you have heard of “social media marketing.” If you are considering starting a business of your own, then social selling is certainly something with which to familiarize yourself.

The benefits of realizing the role of social media in business sales are nearly exponential. To start with, the number of active social media users worldwide is expected to reach 3.02 billion by 2021. Customers these days expect to find their favorite brands online, and it can feel like companies are lagging in the Dark Ages if they don’t have an active online presence. To emphasize the importance of social media today, according to this statistic, the average U.S. social media user spends several hours per week on social networks alone. Consider this: statistics show that over 70% of customers tend to recommend a business more if they had a positive experience with it on social media. How much more would it help your brand’s reach if you were effectively using social media for your marketing?

Social selling can be tricky to navigate and even intimidating at first. It is an ever-changing world, but that means it is an ever-growing world of potential business as well. Though you may not be sure how to use social media for business, taking a look at similar brands online may give you a better idea of where to start. Why is social media important to business? Consider these key points:

  • Gentle reminders. Social networks frequently remind your potential customers of what you offer as a plausible option for their needs or desires.
  • Greater conversions via relatability. Social media gives brands a chance to show customers that you are ordinary people just like them. Customers don’t want to conduct business with companies, they want to interact with people who understand them.
  • Increased loyalty. Brands with active online accounts tend to receive higher loyalty from their customers. These networks are all about connections, and that’s exactly what they achieve.

There are a number of additional fantastic reasons to market your business via social media, including greater authority as more people discuss your brand, improved SEO, and happier customers overall as you connect directly with them. The time invested in social marketing is certainly well-worth the effort.