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Marketing on Instagram

Try as we might, there is no getting around the fact that marketing on Instagram is a powerhouse opportunity. In 2018, there are more than 800 million active Instagram users. What does that mean? In short, it’s a key component of your social marketing. This platform connects customers directly to businesses through creative images and photography. Any company that puts the effort into learning about Instagram business tools will open the door to a world of opportunities for themselves. Here are three tips for marketing on Instagram to help you get started on expanding your social advertising.

Experiment with Frequency & Time of Day

Even with the most creative content, if you over-post or leave your page vacant for too long, your activity stats can plummet. You’ll want to post frequently enough for your brand to stay relevant for followers, however, you also don’t want to overwhelm them with too many posts. Either scenario can result in unfollowers, which is exactly what we want to avoid. Due to the fact that brands vary, there isn’t a set standard for an ideal number of Instagram posts. We would recommend, however, for you to begin with posting once or twice a day, and then experimenting with what works best. As your brand grows, continue evaluating your traffic and engagement.

Beyond frequency, the time of day can also impact your likes, comments, and new followers. You may end up posting early in the morning and receiving drastically fewer likes than when you post mid-afternoon, or vice-versa. Users scroll through Instagram at various times, and with the relevancy algorithm, it’s important to monitor and experiment with different times for the best results. There are programs available to track the strongest engagement times, such as Union Metrics. You may even find that certain times vary between the days of the week. If you need to, track your observations in a notebook until you notice a pattern developing.

Connect with Similar Brands

When you are starting out, it’s likely your Instagram page has few followers. With such a small number, despite your selectively helpful hashtags, it can be difficult to grow your page. To solve this issue, our first recommendation would be to make sure you cross-market your Instagram page with your Facebook and Twitter pages. Cross-marketing enables your already established followers to find your new social network.

The next step in marketing on Instagram is to search for similar brands. Every social network is a community. A great way to plug into the community is by searching with hashtags for brands similar to your own. The very purpose behind hashtags is for a categorical organization and establishing connections between users, so you’d be doing yourself a favor by utilizing them!

As you find similar brands, follow their pages and like a few of their photos. For best results, you’ll want to approach this with the mindset of joining the community, not just bumping your numbers. Some pages may follow you back immediately, and others may take a few weeks. Keep up with liking their newly posted photos, and even comment on a few. On that note, you’ll want to express genuinely interested comments in their products or brand, not just a promotion of your own brand.


Your page is just budding, which makes it the perfect time to develop strong habits with Instagram marketing. If someone takes the time to comment on your photo, like their comment and send them back a “thank you.” This acknowledgment makes a great impression. Good manners simply never go out of style. If it’s a brand like yours, feel free to follow them and like a few of their photos. Even if it’s not a similar brand, you may still feel inclined to like a picture or follow them. The key here is to get involved and don’t let new followers or comments fall by the wayside.

The Bottom Line

Throughout the web, there are numerous tips available for social advertising on Instagram. Some suggestions are better than others, but experimentation with engagement and quality content is always a good choice. These are just a few basic tips, but we hope they help your Instagram marketing start off on the right foot!