internet advertising

What is Digital Advertising?

Perhaps you are looking into starting your own business, or you have an existing business already, and a colleague mentions “digital advertising.” What does that entail? In short, digital advertising takes your marketing game to a whole new level. Let’s explore a few digital marketing tips.

The Benefits of Online Advertising

To get specific, connecting potential customers with your products or services in an interactive manner is, in essence, the digital marketing definition. Online networking can open a world of possibilities by promoting your brand literally to your customers’ fingertips.

Direct Connection with Users

Billions of users are active daily, which provides ample opportunity for reaching them and revealing why your brand meets their needs or wants. This survey even shows that over 50% of teens spend more than three hours per day on their social networking sites. These stats reveal a goldmine of opportunity to target those most likely to show interest in your brand.

Saves Expenses

If you have a business, it’s likely that you have already invested money in ads, whether with newspapers, radios, commercials, and so on. These ads are ridiculously expensive, and it’s hard to track engagement or tangible benefits from the ads themselves. Website marketing removes the need for ads and brings your business right to your customers. With some work and trial-and-error, you can invest just a few hours a week into scheduling posts and responding to interactions while successfully marketing your business.

Humanizes Your Company

It’s a solid fact that people don’t like the idea of conducting business with companies. These companies often come across as ominous and uncaring giants only focused on money. Regardless of how friendly your business might be, or how much of a community effort you make, social media can take your brand a step further by helping you appear relatable. People want to do business with real people just like them, and that’s where social media comes in. It tears down the barrier between customers and “proper channels” for reaching the business and provides a fun, engaging space for solid interaction.

Digital Marketing Tips

Now that you know the benefits of advertising online, let’s cover internet marketing strategies. Social media marketing involves content creation for a number of social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, while posting them at the most effective times of day with a balanced frequency.

  • Track Data and Analytics. Tracking your followers’ engagement and activity is the only way you’ll know which kind of content works best for your brand. Vary your content types (for example, stagger video and photo posts) to accurately track which ones deliver the best engagement. Keep in mind that a mix of content may indeed drive your traffic more than any one type of content altogether.
  • Plan & Schedule Creative Content. Social media marketing is all about your content. Create your posts in advance and spend time brainstorming for fresh ideas. If you’re having difficulty with ideas, visit similar brands to see which of their posts perform best, and try to create similar (though not copied) content. Scheduling your posts ahead will not only help with organization but free time for focusing on engagement.
  • Keep Up With Engagement. On that note, invest a solid amount of time daily, or at least weekly, engaging with your target audience. Follow similar brands to help grow your accounts, take time to respond to comments, and like posts with similar hashtags and content matter. Engagement will show your commitment and passion.