Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips

Are you looking for digital marketing tips? If you are trying to grow your brand, approaching digital marketing strategies can be daunting. There are numerous avenues for marketing your business. We’d like to give you five practical pointers for your social media branding!

1. It Pays to Research SEO

Ahh, Search Engine Optimization. Simply the phrase can instill anxiety in even the most excited entrepreneurs! Though it may feel intimidating to research the ins-and-outs of SEO, it will be worthwhile in the end. We have included this in our list of digital marketing tips because SEO is one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your site, all by increasing your website’s appearance in searches. Target keywords are probably the most well-known example of SEO, however, keywords are only a part of overall page optimization. SEO covers a variety of your website’s aspects, such as optimization of the overall site, individual pages, building strong links, and how your website appears on various devices.

2. Focus on What You Know

While it’s true that you should always be adapting with the ever-changing world of social media, when you’re starting out, your brand can fall flat if you take on too many social networks at once, especially if you’ve never used several of them before. One of our online marketing tips is to start with the channels with which you are familiar, focus on the growth there, and slowly add one more at a time as your brand builds.

Similarly, if you realize a channel isn’t providing quality engagement despite your best efforts with various techniques, consider that perhaps your brand audience simply isn’t on that network. For example, perhaps you are trying to market an outdoor power tool to men, and yet, you’ve been targeting Instagram and Facebook. Digital marketing trends have shown that these two channels are visited by predominantly female users, which could be a potential factor if you haven’t received the results you’d like. Twitter, on the other hand, is predominately male, as well as YouTube and Reddit. Therefore, these channels may yield different results. This is merely an example, but in the end, the idea is to focus on the platform(s) with your target audience.

3. Set Alerts

It’s always important to stay in-the-know with your brand. Networking and connecting with companies and users is the main benefit of social media marketing, to begin with. Still, with our busy lives and the fast pace of social media, these mentions can sometimes go unnoticed. Great digital marketing tactics could involve setting notifications for whenever new mentions, comments, or messages surface for your brand. These alerts will allow you to not only monitor the general mood toward your brand, which can be helpful for evaluating how your company is being received by the general public, as well as help you stay involved and connected with your followers. An active online presence can make a credible difference in sales!

4. Consider Influencer Marketing

Have you heard of influencer marketing? This is a relatively new concept in digital marketing strategies, and yet, it is increasingly showing strong results. We have included this in our digital marketing tips since statistics show that influencers can be incredibly strong referrals for your business when it comes to social media users. Influencer marketing refers to inspiring non-celebrity influential social media users in your niche to promote your brand or at least help spread the word. Influencers can also be paid for their promotions via sponsorships. Either way, it has been seen that consumers are far more likely to finalize a purchase when a product is recommended by an influencer, and this number is especially accurate among Millenials.

5. Email Marketing

While email lists may seem antiquated, they truly aren’t, and they have proven effective at driving sales. The best digital marketing tactics do, in fact, involve more than utilizing social media alone. It may not seem common in digital marketing trends these days, but there are numerous successful email lists going out daily. It has been seen that when people notice great sales from an email campaign, they are far more likely to not only share about the sale but also spend more on directly related purchases than through social media alone.

Many businesses today overlook the value of an email list, so that leaves the opportunity fairly open to you and your potential customers. As far as online marketing tips go, we highly recommend looking into email marketing for your brand.


These tips can strengthen any strategy, assuming you already have one in place. If what you’re doing now works, then applying what you’ve learned here can elevate your game plan. For beginners, executing all the right tactics is essential. This is the perfect foundation.