content marketing

What is Content Creation?

While a large portion of digital marketing success depends on evaluating techniques, posting times and frequency, audience, and the platform itself, it also greatly depends upon the quality of your content. When we consider marketing content, there are a number of things that come to mind. You may immediately think of social media, newsletters, or perhaps blog posts. All of these and more count as content and they truly drive the core of your digital marketing endeavors. You can have the greatest techniques, platforms, and analytic tools, and yet, without high-quality content, your marketing strategies will flounder. Let’s talk about what content creation entails.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing begins with an understanding of your audience. Ideally, you want to answer their questions and provide for their needs, preferably before they even begin searching. High-quality content is a must because content is the primary means of driving your traffic, encouraging returning followers and their interactions. As the content creator, whether your content is for social media, your website itself, or perhaps a blog, one of the most important factors to remember is value.

There is a common strategy throughout digital marketing called the 80/20 rule. In short, this rule suggests that 80% of your marketed content should be geared towards valuable information for your followers, while the remaining 20% is composed of your self-promotion and sales posts. The idea behind this strategy is to prevent coming across as too abrasive by trying to sell to customers with too many posts, and instead, to develop a fun and informational relationship. Once you have proven that your page or website shares high-quality and worthwhile information, your followers will be far more likely to take an interest in your deals and services.

Recently, digital marketing experts are even suggesting tightening your percentage slightly more by reaching for 90/10. Yes, this narrows your margin for sales-related posts, but it also vastly increases the amount of valuable information you can give to your followers. This valuable content can be anything that doesn’t promote your sales, such as fun-related posts and facts, freebies, resources, relatable information, and more.

What are the most popular types of content creation? Here are a few examples commonly found within social media and websites alike.

  • Videos (whether animated or recorded)
  • Quality graphic design
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics

The Value of a Content Creation Calendar

Have you heard of using a content calendar? As you define your content marketing strategy, one of your best tools will be a calendar schedule. As a content creator, it’s very easy to get behind on your posts when you’re brainstorming ideas, creating the content, and trying to get the content posted at the right times and/or frequency. All of this can become overwhelming, which is where a content calendar comes in handy.

To utilize your calendar, begin by brainstorming a week’s worth of content. Fill in your calendar with your posting times and freshly brainstormed ideas for when you have determined they will make the most impact. Once your ideas are planned, this gives you a chance to begin the content creation. As your posts are created, schedule them in a program such as Hootsuite so they are prepared ahead of time. Now, not only are your posts being published on time, but you have freed yourself to begin working on future posts, whether for new ideas, or creating the content itself.

This process takes some trial and error, but as you get it down, it should keep you ahead of the game in your content marketing.