growing your small business

Growth Marketing

There are numerous styles of marketing, each focusing on a different aspect of businesses to help increase their success rate. However, perhaps one of the most important for a young business is growth marketing. Unlike other aspects of marketing, this style focuses on the business as a whole. A growth marketer approaches your small business with a priority on recognizing the value of your products and services, and not just selling the concept, but instilling a passion in your followers to create sustained growth. Growth marketing has become increasingly popular in the last few years and it has, essentially, re-defined many goals of marketing in general.

The Approach

The concept behind marketing growth strategies is to generally increase your number of engaged and active followers. There are numerous marketing techniques that can pull in new customers, but oftentimes, this growth doesn’t last. If your numbers aren’t being retained, then it truly isn’t notable growth. This marketing style targets gaining new followers, customers, or clients, and retaining them for the long haul. In essence, it’s about gaining satisfied, returning customers.

The foundation of marketing for growth is a deep understanding of the product or service value. With that understanding, you can then share the value and your personal passion for the company with your potential customers. The goal of this approach is to help customers see the value for themselves and, in the end, become engaged and active. Again, retaining these new customers and followers is the utmost priority of marketing for growth.

As you look into growing your small business, it is easy to stumble across something called growth hacker marketing. This term is often interchanged with growth marketing, but there is an important difference between them. While it is possible to hack your numbers and gain a larger following, genuine marketing for growth itself is more focused on quality, long-lasting numbers. Growth hacker marketing, however, is largely focused on merely superficially padding your follower or customer count. When numbers are hacked, they are far less likely to be retained.

Applying the Concept

At the core of marketing growth strategies is a range of new techniques, creativity, and innovative thinking. Successful growth marketers aren’t afraid to take risks, while working hard, measuring every statistic, continually running the numbers, and intentionally attempting ideas that haven’t been tried previously. A growth marketer will purposely choose fresh and inventive ideas.

In the end, growing your small business will always be about getting customers interested in your products. However, growth marketing takes the process a step further by changing your approach with the goal of keeping their interest long-term. You’ll no longer market to merely get customers in the door, but rather, for them to return because they see the value in your business.