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Internet marketing strategies comes in many forms. Whether it be by photo, video, or copy-write, we team up with our top of the line creatives to strategize on what best suits your companies demographic. We offer a top of the line photography and videography for all your business needs.


Its more than a strategy, its a brand analysis and structured calendar. In planning for content curation we take in to account that social media is a storytelling platform. We hone in on your story and we create a scheduled timeline in order to convey your story to your readers (followers.)

Brand Recognition

Outreach! With outreach comes views, and with views comes recognition and understanding of your business! We strategically strategize to reach your business’s demographic in order maximize your marketing dollars! Basically, we present your business to the viewers that matter most.

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At Live Media, our internet marketing strategies are based off of one thing “Perception is Reality.” Our integrated programs are here to ensure that the perception your social media gives becomes your reality. Social media marketing has become one of the largest platforms for advertising. Its pivotal in this day and age that social advertising be done so that you can reach the largest amount of potential clients that you can. We know that it can be challenging to be focused on growing your business all awhile focusing on growing your social media platforms. Digital marketing can be time consuming and distracting for any business owner. That’s why at Live Media we want to be the ones to focus on growing your social platforms so you can focus on growing your business! Our commitment is to assist with large and small business marketing, with our commitment to your online presence, your success is our success.

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We work with you to properly curate and manage your business’s social media platforms. Together there is no better team.


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No better place to get everything you need to grow.

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We offer an assorted scope of internet marketing strategies to meet an immense variety of necessities from our clients. We strive to give our clients the most extreme polished methodology, inventiveness, and results-driven achievement that will enable your business to develop.

Our Media Marketing offices are located in Miami, Florida

Grow Your Business

Social Advertising is the core to growing your business. Content is a must. Great content offers the opportunity for people to share, and sharing then widens the scope of your audience to a new set of potential viewers, fans, friends, and customers.

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Engage your Audience

Did you know peoples top choice for customer care is social media! Customer wait time is 0-4hrs. Responding to your customers is pivotal to keep your brand expectation high. Social media engagement is the beginning to a happy life time relationship.

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Boost Your Sales

Setting up an overall internet marketing strategy can help boost your business’ sales! Some of the tools we use at Live Media include SEO, outreach, content curation, content marketing, ad management, mailers and more…